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Short vowels in Mehri, a Modern South Arabian Language: An acoustic and auditory analysis.

This paper presents an acoustic and auditory analysis of the short vowels of Mehri, a Modern South Arabian language (MSAL) spoken in Dhofar (southern Oman), eastern Yemen and parts of southern Saudi Arabia. Interest in Mehri vowels lies in the fact …

Vowels in Mehri.

This talk was delivered at a session on the Phonetics and Phonology of Modern South Arabian Languages. The session was part of a series of online workshop on Language and Nature in Southern Arabia organised by Janet Watson (University of Leeds), …

Short vowels in Central Dhofari Mehri.

The phonetics and phonology of Modern South Arabian: Mehri and Shehret.

Dates: 2019-2022 Principal Investigator: Janet Watson (University of Leeds) Collaborators: Barry Heselwood (University of Leeds) and Abdullah Musallam al-Mahri Funding: Leverhulme Trust Summary: This project investigates the the sound systems of Mehri and Shehret, two endangered Modern South Arabian languages (MSAL) spoken in Southern Arabia.