Epenthesis and vowel intrusion in Central Dhofari Mehri

The paper discusses epenthesis and vowel intrusion in the Central Dhofari variety of Mehri, one of six endangered Modern South Arabian languages indigenous to southern Arabia. Mehri is spoken by members of the Mahrah tribe in southern Oman, eastern …

Short vowels in Mehri, a Modern South Arabian Language: An acoustic and auditory analysis.

This paper presents an acoustic and auditory analysis of the short vowels of Mehri, a Modern South Arabian language (MSAL) spoken in Dhofar (southern Oman), eastern Yemen and parts of southern Saudi Arabia. Interest in Mehri vowels lies in the fact …

Vowels in Mehri.

This talk was delivered at a session on the Phonetics and Phonology of Modern South Arabian Languages. The session was part of a series of online workshop on Language and Nature in Southern Arabia organised by Janet Watson (University of Leeds), …

Short vowels in Central Dhofari Mehri.

The phonetics and phonology of Modern South Arabian: Mehri and Shehret.

Dates: 2019-2022 Principal Investigator: Janet Watson (University of Leeds) Collaborators: Barry Heselwood (University of Leeds) and Abdullah Musallam al-Mahri Funding: Leverhulme Trust Summary: This project investigates the the sound systems of Mehri and Shehret, two endangered Modern South Arabian languages (MSAL) spoken in Southern Arabia.