New speakers

The effects of language dominance switch in bilingual: Galician new speakers'' speech production and perception

It has long been debated whether speech production and perception remain flexible in adulthood. The current study investigates the effects of language dominance switch in Galician new speakers (neofalantes) who are raised with Spanish as a primary …

Switching language dominance for ideological reasons: A study of Galician new speakers speech production and perception

In minority language communities, language choice may be related to identity. In the bilingual community of Galicia, some speakers switch language dominance at a late stage in development, normally during adolescence. These 'new speakers', …

The role of social factors in bilingual speech processing: the case of Galician New Speakers

Collaborators: Bronwen G. Evans (UCL), Robert Mayr (Cardiff Metropolitan Univesrity) Summary: This project uses phonetic methods, perception tasks and eye-tracking to investigate Galician-Spanish bilinguals' speech production and perception, with a focus on Galician new speakers (neofalantes).