The phonetics and phonology of Modern South Arabian: Mehri and Shehret

Principal Investigator: Janet Watson (University of Leeds) Collaborators: Barry Heselwood (University of Leeds) Funding: Leverhulme Trust Summary: This project investigates the the sound systems of Mehri and Shehret, two endangered Modern South Arabian languages (MSAL) spoken in Southern Arabia.

The role of regional variation in speech processing.

Collaborators: Robert Lennon (Lancaster University) and Bronwen G. Evans (UCL). Funding: School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds. Summary: This project uses eye-tracking to investigate how information about the speakers’ accent influences the time course of spoken word recognition.

The role of social factors in bilingual speech processing: the case of Galician New Speakers

Collaborators: Bronwen G. Evans (UCL), Robert Mayr (Cardiff Metropolitan University) Summary: This project uses phonetic methods, perception tasks and eye-tracking to investigate Galician-Spanish bilinguals' speech production and perception, with a focus on Galician new speakers (neofalantes).